Top 5 Google Analytics Reports to Pay Attention To

Google-AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides a wealth of information and statistics, but which reports are most useful? Daily Blog Tips published this list of 5 top most important analytics reports for bloggers. It’s a useful list, and the highlights are here (see the post for more information):

  • Referring sites (under Traffic Sources) – This is especially important if you drive traffic to your site via social media sites.
  • Keywords (under Traffic Sources) – What keywords are visitors using to find your site?
  • Content by Title (under Content) – On what pages are visitors spending their time?
  • New vs. Returning Visitors (under Visitors) – How many of your visitors are new, and how many are returning?
  • Map Overlay (under visitors) – Where are your visitors from?

Many of these features are useful in tandem, and it is useful to peruse these categories in terms of numbers of pages visited, time on the site, and bounce rate.

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