How to Optimize Blog Posts for Social Media Sharing

The 7 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Media Sharing from Hubspot is a must read for anyone sharing their website content on social media sites. The tips provide short, concise, and powerful advice … don't miss this one. 7 … Continue reading

How to Create Facebook Tabs

See all the Tabs Click Here

Here are a few easy-to-use applications for creating Facebook tabs, such as the tabs below that I created for the Hotel Pomra Facebook page. To see all the tabs, you must select the drop-down arrow: The Photos tab is fixed … Continue reading

How to Schedule your Facebook Posts Ahead of Time


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Social Media Versus Search Engine Marketing – Which is Better?

social vs search

MDG’s article and infographic captures the strengths of both social media and search engine marketing. The conclusion: While each has its strengths, the two used together are exponentially more powerful than either used on its own. The main points: lead generation … Continue reading

A Guide to Facebook’s Social Plugins – Likes, Sends, Feeds and more


Are you up to date with the various Facebook social networking tools? Check Hubspot’s “Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Facebook’s Social Plugins” — you will find information on: Like Buttons Send Buttons Comment Boxes Activity Feeds Recommendation Plugins Like Boxes … Continue reading