Record a Skype Conversation – Publish a Testimonial

Skype recording

Record a Skype conversation with a satisfied customer, and publish the testimonial on your You Tube channel! Here are some features of Skype recording software programs that are available for free download and trial use. The paid versions of these … Continue reading

For Direct Mail Marketing – Try These Services


Direct Mail Marketing has a place in any marketing or advertising campaign, for example, for sending cards to your clients or customers on special occasions, or for announcing a new service or product. Two affordable services suitable for small businesses with low-volume … Continue reading

How to Schedule your Facebook Posts Ahead of Time


This post is superceded by Posting and Scheduling Updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Happy posting! Schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time! Spread the wealth Post at optimal times during the day Set aside dedicated Facebook time Hootsuite … Continue reading

Social Media Versus Search Engine Marketing – Which is Better?

social vs search

MDG’s article and infographic captures the strengths of both social media and search engine marketing. The conclusion: While each has its strengths, the two used together are exponentially more powerful than either used on its own. The main points: lead generation … Continue reading

21 Shoestring Marketing Secrets from Manta

The 21 Shoestring Marketing Secrets from Manta is a handy reference for small business owners. What’s required? A relatively small Budget, Commitment, Patience, Branding, Consistency, Visibility, Customer-Focus, Quality, strong Relationships, Automation, Tracking … and more (this is a selection). See … Continue reading – How To Build Links and Great Content

This organization/business,,  is an example of great internet marketing – the site has an extensive network of back links pointing to it, and the site itself provides an extensive library of great content. The tag line, “Colorado Town Community … Continue reading