How to Use Google Analytics to Assess Visitor Behavior

Google-AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides some key information about visitor behavior to your website. This includes:

  1. Where your visitors are from – are they local, regional, national, or international visitors?
  2. What keywords did your visitors use to find your site?
  3. What pages are the most popular on your site? What information are visitors searching for?
  4. Platform. How many of your visitors are using mobile platforms to visit your site, and what browsers are they using? Is your site compatible with all browsers?
  5. Bounce rate. What percentage of visitors arrived at your site but left immediately? Calls to action may reduce bounce rate.
  6. Time on site. How long are people spending on your site? If time on site is low, then the information is probably not relevant to your visitors.
  7. Exit pages. What pages are people on when they leave your site. Is there something you can do to enhance those pages?

This information was posted on the Integrated Marketing Blog, Understanding Your Website Visitor’s Behavior – this post is no longer available.

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