How to Schedule your Facebook Posts Ahead of Time

This post is superceded by Posting and Scheduling Updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Happy posting!

Schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time!

  • Spread the wealth
  • Post at optimal times during the day
  • Set aside dedicated Facebook time

Hootsuite offers a free subscription to their social media scheduling software. It is effective, and easy to use. Go to

When you create your account, say YES to allow Hootsuite to access your Facebook account and  the pages you want to manage. Create and schedule your posts in the top left dialogue bar, and select the page that you want to post to in the top middle dialogue bar. Alternatively, access the Hootsuite application directly from your menu bar, using the Hootlet button.

This a cloud-based service (no software to download), running flash (?). I’ve been accessing it with my Firefox browser (Chrome was crashing; not sure if this was the cause or not.)

Have questions? Email me or give me a call. Happy posting!

Image credit: Hootsuite logo

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