How to Create Facebook Tabs

Here are a few easy-to-use applications for creating Facebook tabs, such as the tabs below that I created for the Hotel Pomra Facebook page. To see all the tabs, you must select the drop-down arrow:

The Photos tab is fixed and can’t be moved. The Events tab is active when you add an event in your Post Status bar (the image on the tab was of my own creation; it is associated with a particular event). And of course the Likes tab shows the number of fans. The other tabs in this image are part of the same application suite (Iframe App), which makes adding them pretty easy.

To add the Contact tab, type ‘Contact Form’ in the Facebook search bar, and select the Contact Form App (or click here). When I give the application permission to access my page and post on my behalf, I select the “Only Me” can see the posts:

After granting permission, you will see a page with a menu bar that has a Config tab. Set the configurations and you’re all set!

After installing, to edit the tab, go to the drop-down button (highlighted by red arrow in the first image, above), highlight the button you want to edit, and then select the pencil image at the top right corner of the tab:





In the drop-down menu, you can change the position of the tab (swap it with other tabs), and you can edit the settings. When you edit the settings, you can change the name of the tab, or add an image in place of the default image. (By the way, the size of a tab is 111 x 74 px.)

On the example tabs at the top of the page, the images for the Contact Us and Subscribe to Newsletter tabs are the defaults, but the other Website and Coupon images were uploaded by me.

The other tab applications on this page can be accessed from the same tool bar as above, on the Other Apps menu (they are all part of the Iframe App series). The Newsletter tab installs more or less like the Contact Form tab, and gives you newsletter capability from your FB page (a form can also be added to your website).

The Iframe tab (labeled Hotel Pomra Website in the example at the top), creates a ‘window’, through which you can view another website, in this case the Hotel Pomra website. It is created using the IFrame App (I created the image for the tab).

The For Fans Only tab is created with the ‘Only for Likers’ app. You have the option to upload two images, one that non-fans see, and one that only fans see. I added a coupon that only fans can see, and added a link to a PDF file where the image is stored on a server. Clicking the image downloads the coupon.

If you are looking for more flexibility for the Fans Only tab, consider the ‘Static HTML: iframe tabs‘ application. This is similar to the ‘Only for Likers’, but you can add html code into the tab.

And, here is a static iframe tab by woobox, that has the option to redirect a click on the tab to an external URL; this tab application has a variety of other options as well.

Another Contact tab that is very easy to use is the ‘Contact Us Tab – Improve Your Conversion Rate Form

Woobox also offers a free Pinterest tab for Facebook fan pages. The tab is easy to install.

Happy Tabbing.


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