Search Engine Optimization — SEO

SEO targetSearch engine optimization requires that your website and your listings contain the information that people are searching for. Thus, sites are “optimized” to contain the keywords that a potential customer would use to find you. However, your site must also rank for those keywords, so that it appears as near to the top of the search engine results as possible.

In short, your website should be  search engine optimized to:

(1) Contain keywords that are commonly searched for (high traffic volume), but also represent a distinctive market niche (low competition). See the Content Marketing page for more info on the art of keyword selection.

(2) Receive a high page ranking (PR) by the search engines, in comparison with competitors’ sites. Page ranking depends on factors such as age of the site, the numbers of high-quality backlinks to the site, and site performance. See the post, How Your Website is Ranked and Positioned by Search Engines for more info on page ranking.

See the Definitive Search Metrics 2013 Ranking Factors Guide – Click Here


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