Places Listings

Maps and Places listings are the most important and¬†least expensive¬†of all online tools for local businesses. If you’re not on the map, you will not be found. Verify your listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing; see the How is Your Business Listed post. Be found!

Posts on Maps and Places Listings

How Is Your Business Listed on Local Directories?

get listed

See how your business is listed on local directories and search engines, using Yext, Yahoo, or Express Update. Yext and Yahoo provide a free review of your listing status. This is a good place to start. Express Update requires business … Continue reading

How to Solicit Online Reviews for Your Business

Online reviews

Online reviews from customers and clients strongly affect online marketing efforts. Unfortunately, disgruntled or unhappy customers are more likely to leave reviews than are happy and satisfied customers. Therefore … Take time to build an authentic and reliable review base. … Continue reading

Google Places Category Tool by Blumenthals


A well kept secret for identifying the appropriate categories for your Google places listing: Thank you Blumenthals! Also see the Moz category list: … Continue reading