Attract and Engage, but Please Don’t Convert!

Inbound Marketing Paradigm Attract Engage Convert Analyze

The Inbound Marketing paradigm follows some permutation of the business model described by: Attract > Engage > Convert > Analyze (see Wikipedia: Inbound Marketing) I get it more or less, except for the conversion step. Convert? What could be further … Continue reading

I Hate Marketing Too!

The Hindu goddes Kali; credit: MacBaker

It’s true – I hate marketing too! … and I don’t think I’m alone. Marketers have a bad rap, and for good reasons – the dark side of marketing is not pretty: The Dark Side of Marketing Insincere and pushy … Continue reading

Favorite What is Inbound Marketing? See What Hubspot Says

Hubspot - Transform You Marketing to Inbound Marketing

Hubspot has contributed perhaps more than any other organization to the development of Inbound Marketing concepts. So, here are a couple of their most important posts on the subject: Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing, posted in Nov, 2007, with a … Continue reading